Please order in groups of 20 items with a minimum of 40 items total.

Mini soup terrine with choice of summer or winter soups. $2.00
Chopped salad of cucumber tomato and red onion with tahini sauce. $2.00
Japanese eggplant roll with fresh mozzarella and pesto. $2.10
Strudel of root vegetable roasted with cumin and turmeric, wrapped in a tortilla. $2.00
Fresh challah toast points with roasted eggplant spread. $2.00
Smoked salmon mini tarts with fresh Tzatziki (Cucumber yogurt spread). $2.35
Baked new potato round stuffed with potato, onion, and cheddar cheese. $2.10
Puff pastry turnover with spinach and feta cheese/ potato and onion/mushroom duxelles. $2.00
Spicy olive salad with assorted olives and sundried tomato in a phyllo shell. $2.00
Stuffed mini portabella mushroom with fresh spinach and artichoke. $2.00
Jewish gefilte fish. $2.20
Hummus in a small plate with pita chips and Moroccan tomato relish (Matbucha). $1.50
Mini pizza circles with portabella mushroom and goat cheese. $1.90
Mini sweet potato pancakes served with blueberry goat cheese. $1.90

Kids Appetizers

Pizza dough sticks with parmesan served with fresh marinara sauce. $1.25
Pizza circles with mozzarella. $1.35
Cheese quesadillas. $1.55
Mini PB&J. $1.35
Mini pizza bagel. $1.50
Mini grilled cheese. $1.25
Mini veggie burger slider. $1.50
Mini fish sandwhich slider $1.50